Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I have so much to do today and I am not doing it.  I did get the living room and some laundry done and my flowers planted but thats it.  I still have to clean the kitchen and the bathroom.  ah oh well i doubt i'll finish it.
I got my hair cut last night.  I got it kinda short again and michael doesn't like it.  he always hates it when I cut my hair short.  Oh well.  I like it short.  Liana is crawling all over the place.  She always has a smile for everyone she sees.  She is by far the cutest little baby girl ever.  Orion is still all over the place and is learning new things.  I love his phonics.  chicken is now "gicken"  flower is fwower.  its great to watch them grow.  
i like seeing that Obama has put a salary cap on people in banks who are receiving bail out money.  These people should not be making millions of dollars when their business is failing!  thank you Obama.  I hope you continue to move us in the right direction.

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