Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Orleans

So I watched this show yesterday on HBO about Hurricane Katrina and the effects it had on New Orleans.  Now, Starbucks had sent us to New Orleans for training and to help the city clean up and I just fell in love with the city and the lifestyle.  I wouldn't want to live there but the people were just amazing.  I really learned the meaning of Southern hospitality.  Anyways, on with the show I watched.  This was filmed about 9-12 months after the hurricane occurred.  I just found it amazing that the government would not help these people.  Mississippi received 30,000 FEMA trailers while New Orleans received 3,000.  And about 6 months after the fact.  They were trying to rebuild the levees, back to pre Katrina standards.  Well, we know that wasn't good enough so why not make it better then before.  Oil companies drill far enough off shore that Louisiana doesn't receive any money from them but the federal government does.  States such as Texas, New Mexico receive money from these oil companies to allow them to continue to ravage the land for oil.  The coastal waters of New Orleans has 20% of the US's oil supply and they receive NO money for the oil.  And while the oil companies are drilling, they are destroying New Orleans natural protective barrier against hurricanes, the wetlands.  And no one wants to give them money to help rebuild these wetlands either.  So New Orleans is left just as, if not more, vulnerable to hurricanes.  And what I find amazing, they are still dealing with this today, 3 and a half years later.  And they still have no money to help rebuild anything. I find it amazing that our government can pull money out of thin air for these bail out plans but we couldn't get any money to Louisiana for this natural disaster, not a man made one that Wall Street fat cats created.  
I also found it to be amazing how the insurance companies were able to not pay the owners of these homes that were destroyed.  How can they determine whether or not it was flood damage or wind damage caused by the hurricane and then because of the wind damage the house had water damage from the massive rains.  I don't think they can really determine that.  The insurance companies, of course, are only out for themselves and feel that the people of New Orleans and Louisiana are too dumb to fight back.  

On a lighter note, my son feels it is necessary to remove his diaper and run around naked.  I guess it is now time for potty training.  I am putting it off.  I know it is going to be a huge mess all of the time but it needs to be done.  

The kids have been sick for a few days and now I am getting it.  No fun!!  Mike and I were both off on Thursday with sick kids.  Wednesday night both kids continuously woke up.  After one woke up and went to sleep, the other would wake.  If I didn't get up, Mike would tell me to and that it was mean to let them cry cuz they were sick.  So I did get up.  Around 4, when I asked him to take care of it, then it was ok to let the kids cry.  I didn't need to run to them all of the time.  That's why they are crying.  Then he had the balls to stay in bed till 11 am and then come out and ask to me put the kids down for a nap so we can have sex.  LOL He must be crazy!  Needless to say, he didn't get any.

Valentine's Day came and went and I didn't get anything.  So that's Christmas and now Valentine's Day without any gifts from my husband.  I guess I am meaning less and less to him.  He said that he would make me dinner, but I had to go to the store after I got off work and pick out what I wanted for dinner and prepare it to be cooked and then he cooked it.  Happy f***ing Valentine's Day to me.  I wonder if my birthday will be any different next month...

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  1. I fill sorry for u gays, that not fair, we are a restoration company we went to help there the insurance company did not pay us too. it was waist of time.