Saturday, January 31, 2009


Starbucks is a different place now than it was say 4 years ago.  We have had to change so many things to brace and protect ourselves during this ever slumping economy.  People are saving and not buying coffee right now which I totally understand. But now I am just afraid for my job.  I know my store won't close but if the whole company goes...
We have had to change so many of our policies.  A lot of it is for our hourly partners and our field leadership.  Our hourly partners can no longer supplement their hours worked with their vacation hours and they have to give 30 days notice in order to use them.  They don't get personal days either.  They are also finally letting us be "at will employers"  Cali has always been an at will employment state but Starbucks is so fearful of lawsuits that we were never able to comply with it but now we can.  That makes me happy.  I think it's funny that everything any of us lowly store partners have ever said about the new initiatives the higher ups have come up with has come true and they are now doing what we have all said all along.  (like don't build stores across the street from each other).  Too bad we don't know what we are talking about and they supposedly know better than us.  I guess that's why they make the big bucks and I make nothing.  Don't get me wrong, I love starbucks and coffee but some of these decisions, if they would only consult us every once in a while...
And one more thing, who do these fat cat wall street guys think they are.  Taking bail out money and then getting huge bonuses??  they need to be held accountable and be forced to pay back the money to us tax payers who are trying to help them.  They need to be prosecuted for stealing...which is what I think they did.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Seriously, my employees know that I have been sick the past 3 days and finally have a day off and need to take this day to be sick and try to get over it.  I get a phone call that one of my shift supervisors that work for me "suddenly came down with the flu or something.  She has been at work for 4 hrs now.  She wanted me to come in and finish her shift when she couldn't help me out on monday.  I told her to make some phone calls.  I am sick too and she had 10 days off the past 2 weeks because she had bronchitis.  I took care of everything and none of them were willing to help me!  I am so bitter.  Sorry darling you need to work.  I am sick today.

Potty Training

who would have thought potty training would be so difficult.  He knows when he poops and pees, he knows what the toilet is for, he likes to flush it, yet, he is so dead against actually going to the restroom on the toilet.  I am sick of changing 2 babies.   he's 2 now so it's time to use the toilet.  Back in the day, kids were potty trained by 18 months and it seems that in today's standard 3 is ok to be potty trained.  I don't think so!!!!  I believe today is the time he wears his big boy pants and uses the toilet.  

I am off today so that means laundry must be done because we all know that the husband won't do it especially since he's off for 3 days.  I've always hated having chores and now that I am older it still hasn't changed.  I wish I could hire a cleaning lady.  That would be nice.  Well, that's all for now.

Monday, January 26, 2009

birthday party, etc

So yesterday we celebrated Orion's 2nd birthday yesterday.  He was so excited to see everyone.  We put him down for his nap and then set up for the party and everyone showed up.  By the time he woke up everyone was here and the house transformed into the Backyardigans showcase.  The look on his face was priceless.  We were going to have the party at the park, but when we walked over there some stupid old mexican lady had all of the tables blocked off and yelled at us for looking at the tables.  But that's ok, Orion still had a blast.  He loved opening all of the gifts too and got so excited with every gift.  He specially loved the Elmo restraunt that my parents bought him. He's been playing with it non stop.  I woke up this morning listening to him play with it.  Oh the small joys in life.  I love waking up in the mornings and hearing my children play or talk to themselves.  It fills my heart with so much love sometimes I think it is going to burst.  My mom came and surprisingly she was pleasant.  She was trying to rush things because she didn't want to stay so she wanted me to do have Orion open gifts right away.  Too bad things don't revolve around her.  My dad is in San Francisco for work for 2 months so he didn't get to come to his party.  

Liana started crawling yesterday.  It was only like 2 steps but it's still crawling.  She is so different from Orion.  She is so calm and can just chill.  She likes to sit on my lap for hours just chewing on a rattle or pulling on my nose.  

Since Michael stopped hanging out with his brother and his brother's ex boyfriend, he has been so much nicer and helpful around the house.  He was becoming unbearable for awhile I thought I was going to have to kick him out.  I pointed this out to him and he said that it was just coincidence that he's being nicer.  That I was just imagining it or something.  But I know they were the bad influence.  He was going over there like every day after work and since he stopped things have gotten so much better.  He is the old loving Michael that he was before.  I'm still afraid to show him this blog.  I think he will make fun of me.  He probably would say something to tease me but not mean it to be cruel.  I like having some where to share my thoughts without having to be judged.  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time does fly

So growing up I never quite understood why my parents were sad about me growing up.  I mean, wasn't it nice that I could feed myself,dress myself, use the toilet, get myself to where ever I wanted to go, do my homework on my own, etc.  But now, today, my baby boy is 2 years old and I am SAD.  I can't believe that he is already 2.  Time does fly by.

I am watching Tabathas Salon Take Over on Bravo.  I love this show.  Some of the stylists are retarded and I am not even sure who allowed them to pass cosmetology school.  And the owners, most of them are clueless on how to cut hair and even how to properly run a business.  I swear, if I walked into one of these salons I would just walk out.  

I've taken the next 4 days off of work.  Sometimes I just need to get away from the stress of running a business and dealing with all the crap that corporate and middle management throw at us.  I just wish these people would look at things from the store's perspective rather than how they "think" things should be ran.  These people get paid so much money and have never actually ran a store, but because they have great ideas on increasing the top line sales, they get paid lots of money and know more than I do who has been running this place for 5 years.  Agh I need a knew job.  I can't wait until Michael finishes school so I can go back to school and move on.

I've been with Michael for 5 years now.  I never understood how someone can sleep with the same person, but now I can't imagine being with anyone else.  I would be extremely uncomfortable being naked in front of anyone other than Michael.  

I don't even know why I started one of these.  My life is so boring.  It's just kids and husband.  I need to do something for myself.  Find something that I'm good at that I can identify with.  I need to be more than just a mom and a wife and then at work I am someone's boss.  Sometimes I wish I could just go back and be 16 again...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I just got off work and decided to come home before I went to pick up the kids.  This is the only quiet time I get.  Orion is turning 2 tomorrow and I cannot begin to say how sad I am feeling.  My little boy is getting so big.  He is no longer my baby.  He is saying words and phrases and is able to point to all of his body parts.  He loves to play basketball and play catch.  He loves to play with his baby sister.  Liana loves to laugh at him and she constantly smiles when he is around.  I love seeing their bond.    She is working on 3 top teeth to go with the 2 bottom ones she already has.  She is getting up on her knees and rocking so she may be crawling here pretty soon.  It makes me so sad and happy at the same time to see my kids grow so much.  They are constantly changing.