Monday, January 26, 2009

birthday party, etc

So yesterday we celebrated Orion's 2nd birthday yesterday.  He was so excited to see everyone.  We put him down for his nap and then set up for the party and everyone showed up.  By the time he woke up everyone was here and the house transformed into the Backyardigans showcase.  The look on his face was priceless.  We were going to have the party at the park, but when we walked over there some stupid old mexican lady had all of the tables blocked off and yelled at us for looking at the tables.  But that's ok, Orion still had a blast.  He loved opening all of the gifts too and got so excited with every gift.  He specially loved the Elmo restraunt that my parents bought him. He's been playing with it non stop.  I woke up this morning listening to him play with it.  Oh the small joys in life.  I love waking up in the mornings and hearing my children play or talk to themselves.  It fills my heart with so much love sometimes I think it is going to burst.  My mom came and surprisingly she was pleasant.  She was trying to rush things because she didn't want to stay so she wanted me to do have Orion open gifts right away.  Too bad things don't revolve around her.  My dad is in San Francisco for work for 2 months so he didn't get to come to his party.  

Liana started crawling yesterday.  It was only like 2 steps but it's still crawling.  She is so different from Orion.  She is so calm and can just chill.  She likes to sit on my lap for hours just chewing on a rattle or pulling on my nose.  

Since Michael stopped hanging out with his brother and his brother's ex boyfriend, he has been so much nicer and helpful around the house.  He was becoming unbearable for awhile I thought I was going to have to kick him out.  I pointed this out to him and he said that it was just coincidence that he's being nicer.  That I was just imagining it or something.  But I know they were the bad influence.  He was going over there like every day after work and since he stopped things have gotten so much better.  He is the old loving Michael that he was before.  I'm still afraid to show him this blog.  I think he will make fun of me.  He probably would say something to tease me but not mean it to be cruel.  I like having some where to share my thoughts without having to be judged.  

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  1. I showed my blog to Josh and I felt naked! He didn't tease me though, thank goodness. I hope that Michael won't tease you, too!