Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time does fly

So growing up I never quite understood why my parents were sad about me growing up.  I mean, wasn't it nice that I could feed myself,dress myself, use the toilet, get myself to where ever I wanted to go, do my homework on my own, etc.  But now, today, my baby boy is 2 years old and I am SAD.  I can't believe that he is already 2.  Time does fly by.

I am watching Tabathas Salon Take Over on Bravo.  I love this show.  Some of the stylists are retarded and I am not even sure who allowed them to pass cosmetology school.  And the owners, most of them are clueless on how to cut hair and even how to properly run a business.  I swear, if I walked into one of these salons I would just walk out.  

I've taken the next 4 days off of work.  Sometimes I just need to get away from the stress of running a business and dealing with all the crap that corporate and middle management throw at us.  I just wish these people would look at things from the store's perspective rather than how they "think" things should be ran.  These people get paid so much money and have never actually ran a store, but because they have great ideas on increasing the top line sales, they get paid lots of money and know more than I do who has been running this place for 5 years.  Agh I need a knew job.  I can't wait until Michael finishes school so I can go back to school and move on.

I've been with Michael for 5 years now.  I never understood how someone can sleep with the same person, but now I can't imagine being with anyone else.  I would be extremely uncomfortable being naked in front of anyone other than Michael.  

I don't even know why I started one of these.  My life is so boring.  It's just kids and husband.  I need to do something for myself.  Find something that I'm good at that I can identify with.  I need to be more than just a mom and a wife and then at work I am someone's boss.  Sometimes I wish I could just go back and be 16 again...

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  1. 16 was fun! We had some good times. It WOULD be so nice to back...

    You started a blog so you could chat with me and we could keep up with what's going on with each other, silly! ;) Keep writing and updating- it might make you feel better to have a place to vent and type until you can't type anymore... lol!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORION! What a big boy!