Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I finally got a video game of my own for michael's 360.  It assassins creed.  its kind of an old game but I love it.  I get to kill people...with a sword!  LOL  and I can climb buildings and push people around...and steal horses.  

Liana has learned to stand on her own.  That excites me so much.  My baby girl is growing so quickly.  She wants to scoot along the couch so badly.  Maybe she will begin to do that soon.  

Orion has started potty training.  Its going ok.  He knows to pee in the toilet but pooping...a whole different story.  He has gone in there a few times and just when I think he has the idea, he decides to go in his chonies.  Maybe soon he will get it.

I am going on a women's retreat this weekend.  I'm really excited.  And next week we are going vegas and then the week after we are headed to Oklahoma!  We are going to go see Mike's brother.  It should be fun to see them.  They are trying to get us to move out there but I am too much a California girl to live any where else.  Or can I?  I haven't exactly been any where else either.  We'll see!

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